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Dear "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” participants,

I would like to thank all of you who have participated in making the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” a successful one.  I can confirm the success from the many positive comments I heard from most of you.

  In my opinion, the main reason behind the success of the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” was the dedication that each and every one of you has shown throughout the course of this trip.

  Please allow me to convey my appreciation to specific individuals who have greatly made a difference in "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure”:

  Farid:  It gives me a great pleasure to had you participate in the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure”.  I am so glad to have been able to add more memories to our already filled albums of long lasting treasures.  Many thanks to you for making the time to take pictures and creating the great website.  This will encourage those who could not join us this time to join us next time.  Please check your email periodically, you never know when is the "2nd 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” !!!  Thanks.

  Abdullah Zawad and Bassam:  I am really a lucky man – each person has one Right hand - I have two: Bassam and Abu Faisal!  Thanks both for the support you guys have extended to the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure”.  Bassam, many thanks for arranging the delicious lunch.  Abu Faisal, your potluck dinner idea is a great one.  I hereby declare it is the standard method for dinner from now onward.  Thanks.

  Ramzi:  What can you say to the person who saved your life?  Yes, Ramzi has saved everybody’s life by bringing the pickup truck.  From my previous experiences, it would have been a different story without the wonder truck.  Thanks.

  Hameed:  After three years of denying our invitations, I hope now you realize what you have been missing all those years!  By the way, every one of us is aware why your presence is a must!  Besides the colorful campfire, you have made the night a truly colorful one.  There will be no excuses next time - you hear?

  Abu Zainah:  What more can I say to the honorable mayor of the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure”?  Your contribution comes from all directions.  We all enjoyed storing up enough laughter that should last for next 72 hours.  Make sure next time your don’t use Sigma alone without primer first!!!  Two final coats are reasonably enough!

  Abdulla Yousif:  Just when every one thought that dinner was the last meal they were having – the surprise breakfast came with all excellent variety.  Thanks.

  Hussain Khuraidah:  Where have you have been all this time?  If we could order 3 like you we would have done so long time ago!  That way, things will definitely run smooth throughout the trip.  By the way, you have a small body but where do you get all this energy?  I don’t know why tea and coffee tasted so good – is it you or is it really you?  Make sure you make yourself ready when you get the invitation next time.  No excuses will be accepted!   Thanks.

Shaker Zaki:  Besides all your contributions, your presence added a great majestic to the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” that is really appreciated.  We are honored.  Pls make yourself available for the "2nd 2002 Desert Camping Adventure”

Shaker Zawad:  Thanks for the usual lessons you give periodically on 2x4 tat3ees.  However, pls realize that we have some addicted people in the group for tea and coffee.  You had every body strung for the whole afternoon without tea or coffee!!!

Everyone else who couldn’t make it:  I know you guys missed a hick of an adventure, but we promise to make it up if you show up next one.

  I would like to assure all of the environmentally friendly green-people who helped in saving our environment that Ramzi and I have properly disposed of all garbage bags, properly, in a big dumpster box we found in the way going home.  This way we will have a clean nice site when we go back next time.

  Farid: pls post this letter on the web site for reference.  Thanks.

Final words:  I must NOT let the Teamwork Spirit that was alive during the "1st 2002 Desert Camping Adventure” goes unnoticed.  Besides the dedication that I talked about earlier in this letter, the teamwork spirit is very commendable.  Farid himself was very envious of such spirit.  Please keep it up.

 Yours gratefully,

Have a great day,
Bader M. Al-Zawad             
NA Information Technology Division
Computer Network Unit
Tel: (+966-3) 673 1581


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