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By invitation from Vittorio Di Mauro 6 couples got together on the Isle of Capri on 21-22 September 2003.
The couples were Mansour Hajjar, Phil Edmonds, Paolo Magalhaes, Caroline Gover and Farid Ahmed.
The album below represents some of the activities which marked the wonderful weekend getaway.
This page is dedcated to Mr and Mrs Vittorio Di Mauro for the wonderful arrangement they did to pull it all through.

The letter of invitation is shown at the bottom of this page. 
To view the picture in full size please click on each thumbnail below:

The Day Cruise Around the Island

The Grotto and the Swim Through the Cave




The Dinner

The Walk Around the Island

Vittorio's Invitation 

Subject: INSEAD AMP Fall 2003 Reunion                                                 

Dear INSEAD acolyte,

At this time of the year, most people are busy thinking about Summer
vacation.  "Advanced Managers" are one step ahead already planning for the
next season.  To actually support you in this process, I am proposing to
gather again, all together, to celebrate the beginning of Fall in a
location where the sun (hopefully) still shines on September 21st (not in

I have made a tentative booking for all of you on the island of Capri over
the week-end of Sept 20th-21st.  Capri is a beautiful island in front of
Naples kissed by the sun for most of the year where few Roman emperors
established their quarters (they could choose).  The place is a unique
blend of natural beauties and historical points of interest.

Over the week-end we will visit the famous Blue Grotto (named after the
world-famous INSEAD AMP Blue Group), the Villa Jovis where emperor Tiberio
used to drop over the cliff the generals bringing bad news from the war
front (sounds like the tipical quarter end at our companies) not to mention
the mozzarella of your life (Juliette MC GANNON and her cholesterol be
dammed!).  We will also tour the insland with our own chartered boat
following Adrian ELLIOT who, after the London marathon, will attempt to
circumnavigate the island by swimming - Adrian, a personal thank you for
putting me in charge of the organisation of this :-)  All of this, of
course, surrounded by a lot of "dolce far niente" (I guess you don't need
the translation of this).

The airport of Naples is not exactly an international hub but it is linked
daily to London and Paris (4 flights), Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Munich, Koeln,
Basel, etc.  Once you get there a taxi will quickly take you to the
departure dock of the ferry or hydrofoil (where the vacation actually
starts).  For those who wants to splurge after a cheap easyJet flight there
is also a helicopter shuttle service - Jeremy, I can already hear the
blades of your chopper roaring over our heads!

You should book yourself on a flight arriving in Naples on Friday, Sept
19th (at 18h30 at the latest).  Please allow at least one and half hour of
transit time from the plane to the ferry/hydrofoil (there is one leaving
every 20/30 min.).  The last hydrofoil leaves Naples at 20h10 reaching
Capri 40 minutes later.  As a back-up in case of flight delays, the last
ferry leaves at 21h10 reaching Capri in 80 minutes.

Concerning the departure, please book yourself on a flight in the afternoon
of Sunday, Sept 21st from 17h00 onward.

For all those without a direct flight connection, there are flights every
hour from either Milano or Rome.

The next step is for your to send a reply email to my assistant Nicoletta
MEDOLAGO ( to confirm your partecipation to
this week-end.  Nicoletta will consolidate your requests and confirm the
booking to the hotel.  The actual deadline for the hotel booking is July
31st, but if you could reply by next Friday July 18th with just a yes or no
it would be great.  In your mail to Nicoletta, please also indicate a GSM
number where you could be reached, a tentative flight arrival/departure
time (if you have it) and your OK for a free prostate check (some of you
complained about the absence of this at the London reunion).

If you are still not convinced, do not hesitate to give me a call (GSM +39
348 5804680) for any question you may have.

I REALLY hope to see you all


P. S. For those who, shamefully, still have doubts whether to attend or not
this week-end, please take a look at for a taste of what you
will be missing

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